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Crystal-clear water. Just as it should be everywhere

In the Feldberg Lakes small streams join the many crystal clear lakes.

The Feldberg lakes are locked for internal combustion engines and so you are apart from some fishermen, anglers and sailors among themselves.
Small islands and bays invite you to take a break and cool down.

On our boat rentals you will get rowing boats, kayaks and Canadians, including life jackets.

Here are some examples for day trips

Category: Easy – For beginners

Tour 1:

from Dreetzsee through the neck to Carwitzsee and further into the Zansen

Tour 2:

from Dreetzsee through the neck into the Carwitzsee to portage the Bäk further into the Narrow Luzin to Feldberg

Category: Medium

Tour 3:

use in the Krüselinsee until after Lychen
The return transport takes over here after registration the company Schween
Phone: 039888/2562


mehrere Umtragestellen, ein Bootswagen ist hier empfehlenswert, außerdem muss man den Pegelstand des Küstriner Bachs beachten, ab einem Pegelstand unter 30 ist der Bach nicht mehr befahrbar
Pegelinfo: 039888/64542


Weitere Touren

Prices Boat Hire

Boat Type6 hours24 hours
Kajak Prijon 2- Sitzer14,00 €22,00 €
Kajak Prijon 2- Sitzer mit Steuer16,00 €25,00 €
Kajak 2 + (1 Kind) Sitzer12,00 €20,00 €
Kanadier 3- Sitzer12,00 €20,00 €
Ruderboot10,00 €15,00 €
Wassertreter18,00 €25,00 €
Fahrrad5,00 €8,00 €
Kindersitz1,50 €3,00 €

No rental ceilings and tons of rain.

Reservations are only possible on-site boat rentals.